What is myVelocityBanking,
and how does it work?

Velocity Banking is the best strategy for paying of your debts
in record time based on mathematical formulas.
The myvelocitybanking app makes this easier than ever to manage and pay your
debts in one powerful app.


myVelocityBanking runs thousands of calculations to maximize your payments. Find the optimal split for credit card payments, car loans, student loans, and more.

Pay-off schedule

We show you what to pay and when. It's easy, accurate, and feels like magic.

Step-by-step guidance

Not sure where to begin? We've got you covered. Answer a few simple questions and we'll show you everything you need to start paying off your debt.

What our customers are saying

“I just got my debt payment schedule in like 5 minutes. What the actual heck. Thanks, @mvbcom!”

100% Awesome Guarantee

  • Secure and private

    No personal identifier is stored on our servers. Only you are able to unlock your data using your password.

  • Nothing to install

    myVelocityBanking works in your web browser so you can do start planning debt freedom at home, work, or your favourite coffee shop.

  • Crafted with care

    We're a small team who cares about the work we do. We're dedicated to helping people get out of debt fast.

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